Bridging Scientist and Engineers with Industries and Public

About UniSE International
The world today is driven by boundless integrations of ideas between the discovery of law of nature and the manipulation of these discoveries in order to provide solutions and advancement to the human civilization. United Scientists and Engineers International or UniSE International, is an organization that promotes a systematic collaboration between multidiscipline scientists and industrial practitioners. Synergetic and sustainable collaboration between researchers and practitioners might be difficult to materialize. We provide platform in promoting effective linkages for rapid advancement in research, development, innovation and commercialization through workshop, conference and database center between potential collaborators.

The world is facing many growing problems and we are racing against time to find their solutions. UniSE International taking up the challenge to provide stronger collaboration between Scientist and Engineers in everyway possible. Join UniSE International community today, and let us together work out the solution the world needed.

UniSE is in collaboration with e-VIBS as well as as well as individual scientists and engineers of the same enthusiastic and spirit

To be a leading platform for the Scientists and Engineers to work out their ideas and harness them as solutions to the public and industries in specific, and to humanity as a whole.

To provide a sustainable platform where Scientists and Engineers can demonstrate and expand their ideas through activities within UniSE International society. At the same time, UniSE International is providing opportunities to its members for them to offer their solutions to public and industries.

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